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about the auxilio group

The Auxilio Group helps clients tackle relevant issues, such as industry disruption, dealer consolidation, data analytics, technology concerns and utilization, operational performance and profitability, succession, and much more. This joint venture between Dixon Hughes Goodman, LLP (DHG) and NCM Associates (NCM), both leaders in the automotive industry, was created to bring an unparalleled level of service and solutions to clients across North America. With NCM’s knowledge in operational effectiveness and performance, and DHG's expansive range of experience in accounting and advisory services, the two groups have unique, complementary offerings with little to no overlap which enables them to collaboratively develop solutions. The Auxilio Group intends to use the collaboration as a vehicle to extensive, sole-sourced product and service offering development. To learn more about our vision and future goals, please read our press release and FAQs.

what we offer

The dealership industry is highly progressive and in constant need of products that foster innovation, efficiency and creativity. The Auxilio Group provides industry insight and solutions to enhance operations, profitability, and sustainability while helping clients navigate challenges such as dealership consolidation and industry disruption, technology concerns and utilization, performance, succession, and more. The first custom-built product offerings are currently in development and will be available to select customers coming soon. The Auxilio Group intends to use this first product as a springboard to much more intensive R & D to assist dealers with their challenges and provide answers to their questions.

joint venture benefits for our clients

Consolidation within the industry will continue into the future, and as it does, our clients will continue to face larger, more complicated operational issues which require sophisticated products, services and expertise.
With the emergence of disruptors such as internet shopping, autonomous vehicles, electrification, ride-sharing and others, the industry faces unprecedented challenges, and the need to navigate through change is greater than ever before. The Auxilio Group will help guide our clients through this disruption and change.
The Auxilio Group will bring an exponential “value-add” to clients on both sides due to the synchronized level of services, industry knowledge, depth of training, and of course, the combined size.
Access to extensive industry data and resources allows us to better analyze trends, identify benchmarks and, in turn, be more proactive to industry opportunities and challenges.
The unique combination of talent and leadership opens doors for additional strategic solutions and idea sharing on how to continue to bring new ideas and services to the dealership industry.

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