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frequently asked questions

What is The Auxilio Group?

The Auxilio Group is borne of a years-long conversation between DHG LLP and NCM Associates to form a separate but collaborative partnership that would leverage one another's strengths to directly address our clients' challenges through the creation of new, impactful products and services.

Why was The Auxilio Group created?

This joint venture between DHG and NCM, both leaders in the automotive industry, was created to bring an unparalleled level of service and solutions to clients across North America. With NCM’s knowledge in operational effectiveness and performance, and DHG's expansive range of experience in accounting and advisory services, the two groups have unique, complementary offerings with virtually no overlap which enables them to collaboratively leverage existing services and develop unique and innovative solutions.

What are the goals of The Auxilio Group?

The ultimate goal is to help clients maximize performance and ensure sustainability in their respective industry, including retail automotive, heavy-truck, heavy-equipment, power sports, motor sports, and recreational vehicles. Working together, DHG and NCM will create solutions to meet industry needs. In the short term, offerings may include simple collaboration and mergers of products. In the longer run, it is intended that the joint venture will create its own products and services to address dealers’ challenges, including dealership consolidation, industry disruption, data analytics, technology concerns and utilization, operational performance and profitability, succession, and other strategic areas.

How does this joint venture benefit our clients?
  • Consolidation within the industry will continue into the future, and as it does, our clients will continue to face larger, more complicated operational issues which require sophisticated products and solutions.
  • With the emergence of autonomous vehicles, electrification, ride-sharing, etc., the industry faces unprecedented challenges. The Auxilio Group will help guide our clients through these disruptions.
  • Dealers are always looking for the “value-add” from their service providers; The Auxilio Group will bring an exponential “value-add” to clients on both sides due to the level of services, industry knowledge, depth of training, and of course, the combined size.
  • Access to data and resources allows us to better analyze trends, identify benchmarks and, in turn, be more proactive to industry opportunities and challenges.
  • The unique combination of talent and leadership opens doors for additional strategic solutions and idea sharing on how to continue to bring new ideas and services to the dealership industry.
  • Ultimately, we will be working to help clients become more profitable in a very dynamic business environment.
What products/services is The Auxilio Group offering?

The joint venture has been created, and the first initial product intended for existing DHG and NCM clients is in development now and the product distribution will begin in mid-March. The joint venture will begin operation approximately around the time of the 2018 NADA Convention (March 22).

Will The Auxilio Group be staffed and managed by existing DHG and NCM employees?

The new entity is a standalone organization with its own employees, a separate stated vision, and an independent location. NCM and DHG's existing entities will continue as is, and all of their existing products and services will also remain proprietary to the respective firm.

How many employees will be involved in The Auxilio Group?

The Auxilio Group will begin with a dedicated leader, which we are currently in the process of hiring. Staff will be added to accommodate future growth.

Where will this joint venture be located?

The location of The Auxilio Group is currently to be determined.

What is the significance of this name and accompanying logo?

“Auxilio” is the Latin translation of the English verb “to help or to assist.” When we began brainstorming to develop a name, we looked closely at both NCM's and DHG's mission and values. We found that the desire to help our clients succeed is at the heart of what DHG and NCM do, day-in and day-out. Both organizations agree there is not a more appropriate name for a joint venture than one based on this singular, all-important goal.